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XRKFX is the alias of UK based Musical artist Multi Genre Composer, music producer Ryan Kenneth Ford. His Love for music started when he was young as music was easier to express himself than words due to dyslexia so the enjoyment of playing musical instruments learning to use computer software i.e Logic. Pro tools. was more of a way to express himself. It was a way to escape by create moods and feelings through the music he created. After it was created he play the music and enjoyed the delight it brought others when they listen to the music he had created. His passion evolved and later was revisited within college where the teaching at college Harlech was inspiring and the practical side was very much hands on. New musical knowledge was gained and a new interest of the recording side was introduced to him by his teacher. He then became involved in a college band called The Lieutenant and started to widen his horizons in music production, songwriting, audio engineering and sound composition side of the music business thanks to my tutors all of these experiences left a everlasting impression in his mind and inspired him to seek a career in the music and media scene. he then furthered his education by attending the university of Bath spa and the University of wales and furthering his musical knowledge. Going on to work in different music studio such as Monnow Valley Studio. He is proud to claim that he achieved high academic grades at Bath Spa, Creative Music Technology, Fda. University of Wales Music Technology, BA. he considers himself to be a proactive person who is willing to learn more about music technology and theory to thereby progress towards his career goal.



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(ISNI) 0000000492368530




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